NEVADA – Tikal in Las Vegas

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We crossed the desert. A good desert, well dry. Where there is actually nothing. Or almost. Few animals, well hidden. And the dirt all over. Or above, we do not know.

From the hot and dry desert.

And we finally arrive here.

Paris the other side of the Atlantic. A feeling of déjà-vu

A feeling of déjà-vu.

But no, this is Las Vegas. Here we are. This anomaly in the middle of the desert. We think we will stay a night, maybe two at max. And the city finally captivates us. Not that we are seduced, we prefer nature and big spaces, but our curiosity is aroused. There are so much visual in this desert space.

So this visit that should be an unique night is getting transformed into two, then three. And finally four. In the city of sin.

We first find a park lot, two minutes from the Strip, an ioverlander spot. We stay there two nights. We meet Swiss then French travelers.

But the life in Vegas, blending heat, dirt and pollution, sometimes needs a shower stop. Campground it will be. We meet some Quebecois travelers.

We finally decide to leave, but the downtown visit is missing. The other Vegas, less flashy, more original, we watch again Casino (with the great De Niro).

Ok, we take another night in another campground.

We discover the all you can eat buffet. Brunch, please. Champagne and pancakes. Obviously. So we stay. A cup to celebrate this.

The last. Night, not glass. Then we finally go back on the road.

Las Vegas surprised us. Impressed. Astonished. We do not know if we liked it. But the fact is that we stayed. And much more than expected. It was completely unexpected. And this is what travel can do.

So here is our roman photo, our story of Vegas in pictures.

Even the Big Lady is showing us her best profile.
The Beatles were expecting us…
And Venice call us. A kind of Pise to seduce us.
Italian shadow puppets in Vegas.
A mirage. A warrior.
Take your gondola, we leave.
By the swimming pool or the Grand Canal
We go for Venice at night. Or Vegas. We do not know exactly.
We go for it. Sunset on Venigas
Everything is here. Even some art on ceilings.
And a lot of money out of pockets.
And the Beatles stay at top.
But not all the ducks.
Fortunately, there is a dome and a tropical greenhouse. Because outside it is only hot. Not wet.
Then they are the Bellagio fountains
Les fontaines du Bellagio
Then Paris. Nostalgia ?
Vegas ou Paris
It is OK, it is Vegas
La route 66 n'est pas loin
And the road 66 is not far
Encore Paris
A last shot of the capital. Paris again
Et Montmartre
And Montmartre
Jackpot ?
And we go further. And we take our chance!
Jackpot !
And this is jackpot! 50 dollars!
New-York ?
Then we leave to New-York
New-York en résumé
Oh yeah, New-York baby!
Un château à Vegas
And a small detour to Disney
Mais certains jouent seuls
During this time some people are playing alone
Viens, viens...
and some expect someone to played with
Toi aussi tu as une petite nostalgie de tes 10 ans ?
And we finaly give!
Pyramide de Vegas. Petite touche originale
Then we travel to Egypt to take some fresh air
Voyage Voyage
But it tastes Vegas, and the women not so clothed. Where?
Voilà voilà...
Oh yes, there!
Rencontre sur le chemins
We make some nice encounters.
Un peu de trapèze ?
And then it is circus. Everywhere.
Yes, even there
Vegas la nuit
The night
Un volcan de passage
Some erupting volcanos.

What about Tikal ?
We go for the other side of Vegas
Mots doux
We see sweet words
Une bière s'il vous plait
Dark people
Où ça ?
But this is Vegas. What happened to Vegas, remains in Vegas
Wonder women
Plus vite chauffeur
People running fast on motorbikes
Encore plus vite !
And on some unknown vehicules


Vegas et ses buffets
And then Vegas buffets…
Des buffets
Full of cakes. Everywhere.

Fruits also

We saw Vegas

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