Tikal’s world – A photographic journey through Americas

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Which guideline for our journey?

Here we are, J-60 before the departure of the truck to Americas (yes, the stress is increasing). So the time has come for us to give you more details about our project. Because, yes, there is a guideline to our journey!

Both of us are photography lovers and we wanted our project to be focus on images.

This travel will lead us to change our habits, leave our comfort zone (to say the least: let’s say goodbye to our bathtub or our toilets…) but it will also offer the chance to relearn to look at the world.

Photography intrinsically induces this approach: observing instead of just seeing.

Therefore, what is the photographic project?

We are complementary in our photographic tastes: our project will combine discovering nature and meeting new people.

It would constitute a photographic testimony based on the diversity of a continent (continent that we are very aware to have only a brief overview during these 13 months).


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We will get lost in the American great spaces, trying to observe bears, whales, (Stephane says also wolves, fingers crossed!), thousands of different species of birds, getting scared with scorpions and holding baby sloth in our arms…


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But we want also to go meet people, the “american” women, childs and men, knowing that this word, “american” includes such a  great diversity of people, customs, traditions and day-life.

What about the return?

We are not professional photographers, therefore it would be presumptuous to affirm that we will publish a book, give conferences or put on exhibitions but to be honest, we would really like to present our pictures beyond the digital support! So yes, why not consider a small exhibition? 🙂

To be continued…

* *

You are curious and want to discover our presentation file (just the french version so far), it is this way!


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