Central America

Jungle, volcanoes, colonial cities, Pacific ocean and Caribbeans

Central Americ looks stucked between its big brothers from north and south but the effervescence is here.

Cultural, historical, natural and sometimes political boilings are animating this small piece of earth.

Between Caribbeans and Pacific coast, let’s enter the latine culture.


Small piece of land where are melting english, spanish, mayan culture and garifuna.

Near Carabbeans, Belize is a condensed of Central America.


The most beautiful fauna of Central America.

Between protected natural parks and small pieces of coloured paradises: the Costa-Rican Pura Vida calls us.


Certainly the most authentic of all. Our favorite probably.

Guatemala has everything attracting in latin America: coulours and flavours, jungle and sea, volcanoes and lakes.


Not so much visited country but which deserve to be known.

Lakes, mountains and paradisiac beaches are welcoming us…


Rocked by the waves of the ocean on its coasts, the volcanoes rumbling at its center.

Those fertile lands and magical beaches just ask to be visited.

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