And if we take the road?

The road-trip is an experience by itself. The moving landscapes, the vibrating road, the freedom to stop everywhere.

We love the road, the one where you can drive slow, the one where the time expand and slow down.

Anyway, the road-trip is in our veins and especially when it is with our house on wheels…

The travel take another dimension.

We take you out?

If you want to discover our trip on the Panamerican Highway, this is there : Panamerican : Road Diaries.

FRANCE – Lakes and Forests

FRANCE – Lakes and Forests

Decided to enjoy Tikal one last time before the winter break and the start of refurbishment works, we plan our last green week-end. This time we choose a place in nature, not far away from home: the Orient forest and its lakes. After the last checks, we head off to...

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