PROJECT WILD – A story about wildlife and its protectors

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Here is our project for these 6 months in North America: the realisation of a photo and video report on wildlife and its protectors.
From California to Alaska.

A s we are told that more than 60% of wildlife has disapeared in the last last 50 years, and that we can just realize how we damage our own planet, all is not lost.

Some people work for wildlife and nature protection.

Some people want to preserve the biodiversity and resurrect the wild.

The time has come for us to appreciate what we can do and encourage all these eforts that already exist and are being made by a lot of people.

Thus, we want to meet those people who knows that human cannot leave on Earth alone.

We want to interview women and men who protect nature, animals and plants.

Those who make biodiversity their priority.

We want to meet those who consider the natural patrimony as the most precious thing on Earth. And we want to share their actions with the widest possible public.

Because there is only one Earth.

And it is wild.

Don’t hesitate to spread the word and feel free to give us contacts of scientists, naturalists or other wild spaces protectors who can be intersted in our project!

You will find below our presentation file.

The route

See the presentation file

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