Practical information about panamerican highway
What such a beautiful project to vibrate on the Panamerican Highway!

But before to take the road and enjoy the landscapes, there is some practical aspects to consider.

Buying its vehicle there or send it from France? Whiwh insurance to take? Which papers do not forget?…

And then when there, there is some inescapable topics: boarder crossings, which parks to visit…

Anyway, between administrative and vitals of the panamerican, we give us our experience here, and we try to reply to some issues we already faced ourselves.

Our daily life in the van

Our daily life in the van

I think that some of you might be thinking about this question: "how is the daily life in a van". Or with another style: "how do you still live together in a thing that small ?!". So, we will let you discover our life style, our daily life in the Americas.   The...

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