THE Panamerican HIGHWAY

Road Diaries of a van journey through Americas

The idea of this trip is born by accident. On the Guatemalan roads.

We were just arrived at the end of our 3 weeks of holidays, and we came across 2 motorbikes, with German plates. Yes there, in Guatemala. On the other side of the Antlantic.

We instantly liked the idea. To drive, to live, to vibrate on the roads of another continent.

Doing a real travel. A life experience. A daily life on the paths.

Thus the project was growing.

To leave in a van. Better, in a 4×4 van.

After we found our beast, our little Tikal, and after we prepared it, we engaged in the journey of our life.

13 monts on the roads of Americas, from Alaska to Argentina.

But 13 months is finally not so much to browse 3 continents. We realized that we needed to slow down. To take the time to fully live this experience.

Then we decided to cut the adventure in half.

North and Central America then South America in a second episode…


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CANADA – Tikal’s return

CANADA – Tikal’s return

Today we become again a « trio » as we get Tikal back from the port! 8h30: First, the breakfast and at 9h45 we arrive at the broker, where we pay the 150 $CA fees and go directly to the customs to get the final documents. Everything goes perfectly. The custom lady...

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CANADA – The Departure

CANADA – The Departure

We wake up with a particular feeling this morning. We did not sleep much and actually not so well. Today our project is getting real. After more than a year combining work and van layout, today everything will become reality. Having just a one way ticket is a bit...

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