UTAH – Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park

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We left Lake Powell, direction Bryce Canyon with the goal to cut through a 4WD dirt track.

Less kilometers (even if we spend more time on the road) and much more beautiful landscapes, we did not hesitate at all.

The crossing finaly took us much time and we arrive near a camproung around 4PM. Perfect timing. Tonight it is shower and wifi.

Excepted the fact that there is no more dry camprounds available. So we would have to pay for water and electricity that we do not need.

And finally we are totally scared by the price: 45 dollars. Ok, it will be without us. But we are interrested by a kind of refreshment after so much dirt, it can be great. We ask if it is possible to pay for a shower each. No problem.

It is 10 dollars.

Each. So 20 dollars for 2 showers.

I laught. We leave. Still dirty.

Finally, 10 kilometers later, in Tropic, a motel offers some camprground places. It is 28 dollars. Much better.

The day after, all fresh, we leave to Bryce Canyon National Park.

Bryce Canyon

The highest point of the park road is around 2.800 meters, so you can image that without the sun, it can be very cold!

It is a park shaped by erosion, that gives a beautiful deasign to the rocks.

The nature can have such extraordinary habilities.

We chose a hike that combines two tracks: Queen Gardens trail and Navajo Loop. We start to get down inside the canyon then we climb with the sunset light.

We stay all the day in the park, amazed by fairy chimneys and landscapes from another world.

For the night, we leave the park, few meters away, a national forest and there a free bivouac. On the road, we come upon a group a mule deers, that we will now call “our big ears friends”.

After a very cold night, we head up to Zion.

Zion National Park

We arrive in Zion from the high side, we need to go down on a beautiful road to access the visitor center, down the valley.

On the park lot, we ear a lot of french: we meet 2 couples, travelling together from south america with a big Iveco 4×4 and a Land Cruiser, both with cells.

Then comes another couple, french too, Arnaud et Audrey. They just bought a pick-up with cell in Los Angeles and go for the same trip than us.

We discuss some time before leaving to different ways for a walk in the park.

And then again, the park offers us so different landscapes than the ones we already saw. Even if it is not so far from Bryce, it is a valley full of trees wich seems much less dry.

Oh !! Big ears friends !

Big ears friends with wild angle. Not shy at all!

On our way back, we have a pretty meeting with our big ears friends. A very close encounter because a female and its young are few meters from us. As you can see on the video.

[kad_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/lly3byGNYoo” width=600 ]

The sun is getting down quick. After some shopping, we decide to drive further, and make a stop next to a river. Surprise, we meet Arnaud and Audrey again, and we spend a nice evening next to a fire with them.

The day after, after some hesitations to know if we go back to Zion, we finally decide to move forward and take the road to Las Vegas.

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