First Name : Stéphane

Age : 35 years old

Job : complicated stuff on computers.

Hobbies : motorbiking, travelling (indeed), playing the guitar / bass and of course photography.

Countries visited : Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, United-States of America, Guadeloupe, Morocco, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Thaïland, Cambodia, Laos, England, Guatemala, Portugal, Ireland, Romania, South Africa, Swaziland.


First Name: Dana

Age: 29 years old (well, yes, almost 30...)

Job: reading of the French civil code and alternately the French commercial code, to vary things...

Hobbies: travelling (yes, me too), reading, theatre, cinema, and of course photography !

Countries Visited: Guadeloupe, China, Sri Lanka, Canada, Netherlands, England, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Thaïland, Guatemala, Portugal, Ireland, Romania.


Our first week-end together, away from home was Lisboa and our first big journey was Guatemala. It may be during this trip that we had some kind of revelation and that the desire for a biggest project was born: walking through Flores, we saw a couple of german bikers (obviously they were far from home) and they were travelling the Americas. From north to south...

Back to our lifes in Paris, the idea grew up in our little heads.

Why not us ?!

After some hesitations/reflexions, we chose the comfort of a truck and we found "Tikal". The Iveco 4x4 truck that will be our means of travel and our home during 1 year.

We decided to make over a new beauty to our little truck and to forsee our great departure for august 2016 !

Looking forward to seeing you, here or on the roads !!!