Here is our trip friend, our vehicle and owner for this year in Americas: Tikal.

Thanks to our friend Florian for its great drawing


This is an Iveco Daily 4×4 (4010W for the initiates) who will celebrate its 20 years. He was a 4 tons then was downgraded to 3.5 tons (then we can drive it without heavy trucks license). We went to Switzerland to buy it, the 26th of june 2015.

As you can understand in his name, this is a four by four vehicle, switchable, in order to transform it to a rear-wheel drive and then reduce the fuel consumption. On road usage, it’s situated around 15L for 100km

tikal camion van truck monument valley usa

The 4×4 choice was done early, to not miss inaccessible things, or to push further our bivouac search. As we write, then at the beginning of our journey, we don’t regret our choice at all. We used the four wheels and the low gears a few times, and he saved us (on the beach, the mud, crossing the rivers or on very tough climbs).

The engine is a 2.8L turbo, who develop the great power of  103 HP!

The beast can propel us at the incredible speed of 90km/h (on descending flat), but it’s around 80km/h than he is more comfortable (and our ears less suffer of mechanical noises).

tikal camion van truck mexico punta allen sian khan

Completely hand made, you can have all details of our preparation here.

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