Cities and urban adventures
Even if we have a preference for big spaces and nature, cities are full of surprises and discoveries.

Charged with history, culture and good restaurants, they often are paradise for photography.

From Mexico to Romania, via United States or Portugal, here we go for a urban gateway.

OREGON – Portland

Third city from Vancouver, we arrive in Portland with a perfect weather, 25 celsius degrees, and, hold on, by day. It changes. We are a bit tired. And this time we want to rest for a while, not move for an entire day, using internet and enjoying a daily shower during...


For those who will read the entire article, they will win the right to discover two secret images from our trip in Seattle: Trump naked (we thought that it might not be a very good incitation to read the article, so we added another bonus, A plane on a train (because...

PORTUGAL – Lisbon and Street Art

Street Art... a contemporary art often misundertood while we see it every day everywhere in our urban spaces. We heard that Lisbon was an exciting place for this art. Well, the truth it that when we talk about portuguese walls, we instinctively think about that: or...

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