PORTUGAL – Lisbon and Street Art

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Street Art… a contemporary art often misundertood while we see it every day everywhere in our urban spaces.

We heard that Lisbon was an exciting place for this art.

Well, the truth it that when we talk about portuguese walls, we instinctively think about that:

or that:


Portugal – and in fact all the Iberic Peninsula – is indeed known for Azulejos, these faience tiles orned with geometric motifs from different colours (blue, often) and bringed by the Moors occupation. (this was for the historical part…)

But finally, on the spot, we were impressed by the number of walls covered by grafs. Then, little by little, when we open our eyes, we discover that a lot of spaces are used in this way.


For those who doesn’t know, it is not simple “tags” that were multiplying on urban property some time ago, and who were intented to mark a territory.

The Street Art is a discipline by itself. The purpose is to bring different technics deep into the city itself, and to write art on the walls or walkways of the streets we walk on daily. Thus, using graffitis, stencils, mosaics or other displays, the art is increasingly visible in our urban properties, until it becomes a part of the city.

Today, some artists are world-famous: Banksy, Os Gemeos, Vhils, Miss Tic…

Berlin or Sao Paulo are the most renowned cities for this art. But Lisbon is not gone anyway, and is developping itself step by step.

So here is a bref insight of what we can meet in the maze of Portuguese capital streets:


Collaboration of Pixel Pancho and Vhils








The urban art goes behind the walls :



The Street Art is everywhere in Lisbon. It even looks that the city itself is setting about it:


For those interested about this theme, here is a 2015 ranking: http://www.artistikrezo.com/art/street-art/notre-grand-classement-annuel-des-artistes-d-art-urbain.html

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