MEXICO – From Mexico Ciudad to Teotihuacán, a journey through time

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After the butterflies of Morelia, we take the road to the capital and it is by the end of the day that we arrive in San Juan Teotihuacan where is located the campground from where we will visit the area.

Yes, well, little precision, Mexico Ciudad is a small town of almost 22 millions inhabitants.

22 millions inhabitants it is more than the entire population of Romania.

All this to say: if you dare to take you car, it will be a big adventure, or a suicide. And to make the things easier, the circulation is restricted for certain days and certain vehicles depending on the number of the licence plate…

In short, we decide that Tikal will take a break and will take the bus!

In the campground we meet again Visiterra and meet also Camille and William from Cap’A. They travel the Americas with the project to meet the builders and understand the different technics of construction that may exist in all these countries. We passed their VW T4 on the road (yes well, on a downhill) before we arrive in the campground and they arrived a little bit after us, due to the fact that they did a little “detour” in the suburb of Mexico, that slowed them…

Visiterra takes the direction of Mexico for a few days and we decide to start with the ruins of Teotihuacán.


Only fifteen kilometers from the capital, Teotihuacán is one of the most important cities of precolombian America. The archeological site is registered as UNESCO World Heritage since 1987 and is mostly known for its huge pyramids and great paths. The monuments were built between the Ist and VII century and were occupied by the Teotihuacán civilisation. This civilisation peaked around 450 after JC and was constitued by around 150.000 inhabitants. Different etnies composed this city among which Zapotecs, Mixtecs or Mayas. After the decline of the city, the Aztecs turned the place into a pilgrimage place.

We walk between the pyramid under a soft winter sun (around 30 celsus degrees), from death path to the sun and the moon pyramids.

Our friends Camille and William from Cap’A



Then, back to the campground.

Camille and William get prepared to go back on the road, we decide to go visit Mexico City the day after.

Ciudad de Mexico

We decide to visit the center and do the round trip during the day. But the trip in bus is a bit long and for the second trip to Mexico we decide to take a night in a hotel.

Mexico city is a mix of old and modern. There is an archeological site, El Templo Mayor, that has been found under the biggest church of the city. The museum of the site is just amazing and we stay half of the afternoon to discover it.



The museum of anthropology

After a walk by the french consulat to sign the power of attorney to vote in France, we go to the great museum of anthropology of Mexico.

We would need a few days and the lights of a good guide to understand all the information given by this museum. We visit the museum in a few hours and we are impressed by the diversity and quantity of major pieces exposed. It is a must see in the capital.

Mexico and Street Art

We love to visit a city by just getting lost in its streets. Here, we are surprised by the number of walls covered by paints and street art.

After all these walks, we still have a free afternoon but the feet and the back start to hurt… Time has come for strange decisions.

You know these red or pink buses that passes through all big cities and show the passengers the biggest attractions…

Weel, we decide to buy 2 tickets and go for a lazy trip in these buses…




Around 8:30PM we are finally back to Tikal.

We eat and go directly to bed to give some rest to our hurted feet. Tomorrow we will drive to Oaxaca and meet again Camille et William.

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