MEXICO – GUANAJUATO – Tikal fell in love with the city of Guanajuato

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After more than a week in San Miguel de Allende we decide, with Visiterra, to go to Guanajuato.

The region is the country of old silver mines and we decide to make a stop and visit one of them in Valenciana. Inside it is humid, hot and dark (specially when the lights stop)… We won’t dream of a reconversion in metal or precious stones researches for now. And when you see our amazing faces, you can easily realise that, just our head with helmet might be a good reason for not hiring us.

After a tortuous road and a one way street to find the spot where we will sleep, we finally get some rest and enjoy the view. And what a view.

After some minutes of rest, we decide to go visit the city. And we immediatly fall in love with all these colors and atmosphere.

Guanajuato, used to be one of the mexican cities of silver and is the capital of the state of Guanajuato. The town is also registered as World Heritage Site by UNESCO (and we easily understand why!). The city is hidden in the hollows of a valley, rounded by hills. And it might be difficult to visit the center by car as the city is full of tunnels that create a real labyrinth.

The city center is full of tiny streets and colored houses that reflect the propsperity that the city had thanks to the silver mines.

We visit the museum of Cervantes (on tuesday it is free!) and we take the cable car for the top of the closest hill to enjoy the last lights of the day over the city.

The view over the city

The small streets of Guanajuato

We decide to stay a few days in the city to visit all the tiny streets.


The market

As all the mexican cities and almost all the little towns we visited so far, Guanajuato has a great market. Plenty of colours and smells. It is full of food, souvenirs and many other things!

The wildlife

We have not seen many animals in Guanajuato, but a little! There are always some brave insects in the bathroom ready to make a good suprise at night… or some tired dogs at the corner of a street…

The mummies museum… a place to go ?

Before hitting the road again to go to the sea, we make a last stop to one of the “MUST SEE” of the city (regarding tripadvisor)…The museum of mummies. We won’t put a ton of pictures of our visit because we did not really understand the purpose of such museum beside the fact that it might excit the curiosity of the tourists (like us…).

To be brief, these mummies have been exhumed starting from the end of the XIXth century. The mummification naturaly occured due to some specific conditions of climate and ground driness. Anyway, the visit was a bit confusing between the mummies of adults but also child and babies…

So we stayed doubtful in front of these mummies. A bit like the man on this picture…

After our friends the dry mummies, we may need some humidity and we consider going back on the road and drive to the ocean for Christmas.

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