MEXICO – GUANAJUATO – The colours of San Miguel de Allende

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In the state of Guanajuato, we could not have missed the city of San Miguel de Allende. Everybody talked to us about this place. The city has been declared World Heritage Site in 2008 and should not be missed (so is Guanajuato, we will tell you about it in another article).

Fortified city, San Miguel was built during the XVIth century in order to protect the royal road in the central territories.

Strategical point, the city expended with the discovering of silver in the region. The historical center is full of churches and old colored buildings.

So we arrive through the little streets of San Miguel de Allende and we drive to the campground near the city center. A peaceful place, 2 steps from the main road that leads to the center.

We put our shoes on and go discover the tiny streets of the city.

The colours of the buildings are warm and the evening light offers even a more beautiful atmosphere.

It is one of the first mexican cities where we feel so good.

We wanted to take some rest and San Miguel has been the perfect place.

We first took 2 nights, then 3, 4 and finaly 1 week.

We stay with Visiterra and in the middle of the week Jérémy et Lucie (met in Baja California) arrive and when they leave 2 days after, Un p’tit pneu plus loin arrive and become our new neighbour.


Virgen of Guadalupe

We even decide to stay one more night to enjoy the celebrations for Santa Guadalupe, the 12th of december. The celebrations take place during 2 days  to celebrate the aparition of the virgen to a young boy during the XVIth century. It is one of the most important religious celebration in Central America and Mexico : religious services, horses parades and fireworks give the rythm during these few hours.

Doors, doors and doors again

We have been surprised by the diversity of doors we saw in the city: nice colours, textures, sizes. Here are some of them:

After this peaceful stop in San Miguel de Allende and after some hesitation whether we go to Queretaro or not, we fanaly decide to take the road directly to Guanajuato before heading to the sea for Christmas.

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