MEXICO – Tikal spends the end-year on the pacific coast

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After Guanajuato, we decide to go back to the sea, in order to spend the end of the year with the feet in the ocean. We just forgot the fact that the distances are not really the same as in France: it takes us 2 long days to arrive. We first stop on the parking lof of a hotel and ask the permission to sleep here. No problem and we are not alone: ships, goats and dogs are around the vans. The owners are so nice that they open a room for us and allow us to use the bathroom for free.

The morning after we take the road to Tequila. We try to avoid as possible the big city of Guadalajara (a prononciation challenge for the most couragious!) that we finally decide not to visit (too big, too much cars, too complicated with the van). The agave fields start replacing the houses on the road sides. We are arriving on the region of production of the famous mexican alcohol.

After a stop in the town of Tequila, we go a little bit further to find a place to sleep. We drive through volcanic landscapes, enter in the jungle, find humidity and finally see the ocean.

After a night in Rincon de Guayabitos we drive further south to find the perfect place for a few days around Christmas. Besides the squirrels and the hummingbirds, it is not really the place where we feel spending a while: too loud, too many tourists, not enough sea…


And we arrive in Lo de Marcos, a little village on the edge of the ocean. We find a place near the sea and decide to stay. The campgroung is almost on the beach where we can find 2 or 3 restaurants and a bit further a nice laguna full of birds.  We decide to spend our time between enjoying the ocean, the bodyboard and taking pictures. Not so bad for Christmas.

At Christmas eve, Visiterra offers us a great gift: an amazing romanian meal. The “sarmale” Ramona made bring us back to Romania, country that, today, does not seem so far, even with our feet in the sand!




New year’s eve

After a week in this little heaven, we decide to go back on the road and drive souther. Again. One stop in Puerto Vallarta gives us the energy to go further (the tourists are everywhere and the prices are very high). We arrive in Punta Perula. We meet Pedro and Ade, our campground neighbours, and spend some days tasting the ceviches, lobsters and fresh shrimps.

And then, the 30th of december, we decide to find another place for the new year. Bad idea. We arrive in La Manzanilla, 60km souther. But we are not alone. Everything is full: campgrounds, streets, beaches… No room or maybe a small place between 2 RVs in a campground. We decide to go back to Punta Perula. Finaly, new year’s eve will be spent in the quiet place.

After a diner with Visiterra and Pedro and Ade, we decide, on the first day of the year to take a boat and discover the islands a few miles from the beach.

It is very hot. We finally decide, after these 2 weeks along the ocean, the go back in the freshness of the mountains. Which is not so bad after all.

So we start driving to the lands.

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