CALIFORNIA – Tikal on the Californian coast

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Then we leave San Francisco in the morning, following the coast to the south. We drive slowly in direction of Los Angeles. The road is beautiful. Tortuous. Hilly. And the ocean down there is powerful and fantastic.

Unfortunately all the roads to enter the national or state forests are close due to recent wildfires. So we have to stop for the night along the road. But it is surprisingly calm. And the view in the morning is pretty nice.


We keep going south and make a stop to see a sea lions colony. They are very active: most of them are sleeping and the others seem to be fighting…

We finally arrive in Santa Monica by the end of the day and choose to go a bit higher in the mountains to enjoy a panoramic view of the city and the sea. We stay parked for the night along the road and have a very quiet night.

The day after, we just drive through the city, stop for some shopping and use internet in a Wholefood. The evening we just arrive in Malibu.

The view is still nice and after the sunset we decide to go eat at the university. We don’t really know if it is allowed but we did have read on our guide that the food is cheap and do not really know where else we could eat.

So here we are, enjoying a pizza in the middle of the students.


We finally go back to our spot next to the beach (and the road also) and we try to sleep… Except the fact that the road is very noisy and we chose the spot just before the road climbs… so it changes a bit from our two precedent nights! But the view remains great!

In the morning, after a well-deserved coffee, we decide to drive to Hollywood boulevard, to see the famous avenue.

We walk for 2 hours in the neighborhood and we finally find THE star that makes our heat beat, our hero, THE man who counted to the infinite, twice. THE one that we do not present anymore:

And we also see some interesting things:

We finally drive up the mountains around Hollywood and find an isolated place, not so far from town but where you can hear the coyotes. And that is pretty nice!

In the morning, we get prepared to go for a brunch with our friends of Los Angeles, Marion and Raphaël! They propose us to stay in their apartment for a few days and we cannot decline this tenting idea. We will have the possibility to have a shower two days in a row and get some rest on a coach, watching TV!

We also go to visit some places in Los Angeles, such as Venice Beach.

And our friends are so sweet, they proposed us to stay with them to watch the election night… with this unbelievable result.

Finally, after a break in a great library to make sure that the culture still exists and that all the books have not been burned during the night, we get back on the road to San Diego. After a small walk into the city, we drive to the meeting point where we should pass the night with the families we met in San Francisco.

Tomorrow we leave the United States and pass on the other side of the wall! Mexico is waiting for us!

XoXo USA!!

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