CALIFORNIA – Tikal in San Francisco

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And then we arrived in San Franciso. This city is a myth, we could not have missed it!

We go straight to the Marina to park the van and walk to the Golden Gate Bridge to enjoy the light of the sunset.

After the sun diseappered, we try to find hardly a place to leave the car while we enjoy a small pizza. We have been traveling alone since almost the beginning and just met a few other travelers (some brief discussions and Arnaud and Audrey with whom we spent a great evening in Zion), so we join a group of French speaking people : Pierre and Helen with their children (Un p’tit pneu plus loin), Fréd and Cynthia with their daughter, and Ramona and Gruia with their kids (Visiterra).

And it is really great! We spend the evening talking about our trip, our dreams, our wishes and expectations, drinking wine on a car park close to the city center.

We finally decide to stay 3 days in San Francisco, a short time to discover a small part of the town that we visit mainly walking…

We try to visit the “must-see” places:

  • Golden Gate Bridge (of course)
  • Alcatraz from the outside (we finally do no visit it)
  • Pier 39 and Fisherman’s wharf (view of the bay and encounter with the sea lions)
  • Chinatown
  • Alomo Square (park with a great view ver the city)
  • Lombard street
  • Mission, the hispanic district (we ate a super burrito and rolled down to the van for digestion)
  • Castro District, the gay district of San Francisco (great to have a drink)
  • Haight Ashbury (ex hippie district of San Francisco)…

And it is Halloween time so we discover the decorations and see some amazing fancy dresses.




We spend the first 2 nights sleeping on the car park with the other families with no problem (just a policeman passed but he didn’t ask us to leave even if we were 4 RVs and vans!) and the last night, while we were alone, we decide to cross the bridge and spend the night on the other side to enjoy the sunrise with a different view.  We start watching a movie and drink a small beer.

Bad luck, around 9:30PM, some rangers knock on the window. We open the door, our beer in the hand. Normal thing. They tell us that we cannot sleep here. And finaly they ask how many beer we have drunk. Hum… Well only one. They hesitate and they allow us to stay one hour more, in order to get sober (well, with one beer, we were both completely drunk obviously).

We finally take the road back to the marina and our little car park close to it.

The day after we decide to take slowly the road along the sea to the south and Los Angeles.


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