MEXICO – BAJA CALIFORNIA : Tikal visits Baja California Sur

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The sanitary control passed, we enter Baja California Sur. We pass through Guerrero Negro, we do some shopping in a supermarket as full as during a sovietic shop during the communist era, then we take the road back.

We lead east. So we have to cross the peninsula to reach the Cortez sea. It’s arid and full of cactus.

We finally arrive to Santa Rosalia. Waiting for the rest of the caravan (Un p’tit pneu plus loin and Visiterra), we taste the best of all pastor tacos until now (marinated meat and cooked “à la broche”, like kebabs). We do not visit the city which is not really attracting us. So when everyone is here, we take the road back to find a spot for the night.

We find a piece of heaven isolated on the sea shore, with nobody on it. It is beautiful. But the road to access it requires a 4×4 and after reaching it with Tikal, we have to admit that our friends Visiterra and Un p’tit pneu plus loin will not be able to pass… We take the road back to go further south.

We finally arrive in a camping on the beach, Santispak. It is beautiful. We set up for a few days!


We meet a retired French couple living on a sailing boat. They invite us to take a drink. We realize that the life on a boat does not seems very different that the life in a truck…

We finally go back on the road. It is time to say goodbye to Un p’tit pneu plus loin who need to lead to La Paz to cross to the mainland and follow their calendar. On our side, we stay with Visiterra to do the south loop. After a visit of Loreto, we continue to a wild spot on the sea side where we spend the night.

The day after we arrive in a campground few kilometers after La Paz. We meet Jérémy, Lucie and their two daughters. And we finally meet showers again.

Before leaving, and with the right key owned by Jérémy (they travel with an Iveco RV), men start to work on Tikal oil change. Yes, it looks that is nothing to do but it takes a long time, with the need to remove few parts before accessing the oil filter. Practical.

Tikal leaves with all cleaned oil. We go to the south. Always. The beaches are often some free spots and we even choose a small off-road track. The landscapes are gorgeous. Desert and blue sea. We meet our first roadrunner, the one from the cartoon. But the road… horrible!! Everything is vibrating in the truck. This road is worse than the one to the Arctic circle in Alaska. We are happy to see the pavement again. What a joke.

We arrive near a super touristic town. San José del Cabo. But we find a beach to spend the night, near a crique. Our spot for this night is completely quiet. We almost forget that is Friday night.

Then 9 PM. The top start for the night. The cars arrive to the beach. Then we spend all the night between half a dozen of different music (each car has its own sound system).

We take the road back, searching for tranquility for the next days. We lead north before to finish the ring and go back to La Paz.

We find a sea turtles protection reserve which protects eggs from predators and reintroduce baby turtles in the sea. Nice experience.


We are now leading to La Paz. The time to take the ferry to the other side is approaching. After some formalities and some adventures in the harbor, we succeed to have our 10 years import permit, wich means than we will be allowed to park Tikal in Mexico on our way back to Mexico, before we go back to France!

The crossing is supposed to last 12 hours. We go onboard for a night on sea, direction Mazatlan.

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