MEXICO – BAJA CALIFORNIA – Tikal discovers the north

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After we crossed the border, we arrived in a campground near Ensenada. Nobody there. But American prices.

It is good to rest for a night, we enjoy our time with Visiterra and Un p’tit pneu plus ploin but the day after, we all decide to go further south.

Baja California does not have many roads. The main road crosses the peninsula from north to south and west to east, getting close to the Cortez sea in the Center and making a loop in the south.

For now we are still on the pacific coast. In the north west. We find a beach full of surfers, with a shipwreck. Stones on the beach and big waves in the ocean.

No swimming for today… But the surfers seem to be really enjoying this place and the dolphins too. The perfect sunlight offers a moment for photography.

We stay there only one night and we leave the day after. Going south.

We arrive in Fidel’s place. A campground. Empty but much more cheap than the first one. We park the vans and RV around a palapa, with a view on the sea.

We decide to stay here for a few nights.

The rhythm of life is slow and it is so good! We buy some food, eat fresh crab, some of us start fishing (with success) and Fidel offers to prepare some clams for a diner. A little bit chewi but with the recipe, we try by our own a second time and it is much better!

Day pass peacefully and the nights are spent around a good fire.

Life on road is really amazing!

Time is marching on and we have to go back on the road, heading south and Cortez Sea. We drive through a desert of cactus with a real sun that is not just pretending to shine. Following the road south means that we will soon leave the pacific coast for the Cortez sea, the fresh water for the blue and warm water and stones for great sand!

For our last night in Baja California North, we stop on the parking lot of a restaurant where we have diner. We also meet our first black widow spider and sleep along the road.

Tomorrow, let’s discover the south of Baja California!

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