GUATEMALA – A walk down the streets of Antigua

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After some difficulties, we finally left Lago Atitlán… But we had a great motivation, the destination: Antigua.

It is for us THE most beautiful town in central America.

Without any doubt.

Listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, you might just like this city: surrounded by volcanoes, full of colors, full of life, with paved roads and many colonial buildings, Antigua used to be the capital of Guatemala before the earthquakes made that changed. Antigua has a great and rich history.

So you can just fall in love with this city.

We find a place in the parking lot of the touristic police, near the center: the police allows the travelers to park for free in their parking lot for 5 days/nights with the condition to have toilets inside the van.

So here we are! We will finally use these toilets! McDonalds and the other restaurants are to far and we cannot just pee on the ground of the parking lot if we want to spend more than 1 night… So after 8 months on the road, we will use our portable toilets!

Anyway, once everything is set up, we take our cameras and go visit the town.

NB : We are in Antigua 2 weeks before Semana Santa and Eastern. Guatemalan people have a strong faith and Semana Santa is a very important moment of the year. The processions take place during each week-end before eastern. This presentation will be made in another article (to many pictures…).

We must confess, at first, it has been a small disappointment because since our last visit, 2 years ago, the streets are more touristic: coffees, restaurants, bars have replaced the small groceries, butcher shop or vegetable vendors…

But we can easily understand why people come here: between the city and the Acatenango, Fuego and Agua volcanoes, there are so many things to do, in the fresh air of this altitude.

On our part, we will finally stay one big week in Antigua, after a short negotiation with the touristic police for 5 days + 4 days…

Our day are divided between working on the blog and enjoying the paved streets of Antigua.

Here is a selection of our pictures of the city:

The City

The city by night

The residents




The colorful buses of Antigua

The market

For the next article, we will invite you to live Semana Santa in Antigua…

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