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For those who will read the entire article, they will win the right to discover two secret images from our trip in Seattle:

  • Trump naked (we thought that it might not be a very good incitation to read the article, so we added another bonus,
  • A plane on a train (because Seattle is the city of Boeing)! And that is much more impressive. Or not.


We leave Vancouver in the middle of the day and we decide to go straight to Seattle.

But first, we have to cross the border. We arrive at the end of a big line of several cars and we think that maybe this time, we won’t be so lucky. As we get closer from the customs, we discover that in fact 2 directions exist after the border: one to the freedom and Seattle, and the other one.

The other one leads to a covered car park that means a deep control of the car.

We know that we have been too lucky so far with our foreign plate and unkown Iveco. This time, we feel it, we will have to empty the van.

But no. Nothing.

Everything goes perfectly. The custom officer checks our passports, asks 2 or 3 questions about our trip. That’s it.

So we drive to Seattle!

And we arrive in Seattle by night. Yes again. We love challenges. Well, we will have one!

Yes, you remember the Vancouver story (awaken at 5 am, the police…), we would like to avoid meeting the police of each big city we cross. And this time, there are several spots on ioverlander. We go to the first one.

Bad luck, the GPS coordinates are wrong and we arrived in the parking of a Shypiard…

2nd chance. In the center of Seattle, there is a free overnight car park. But we are Friday evening. And there are a lot of people. And no places. Failed.

3rd chance, a spot a bit further from downtown, in Mercer Island. Here we go. We drive, and drive around again. But nothing. The GPS coordinates seem to be on the highway…

Oh but wait, there are several levels and next to a park, there is a car park, under the highway…

It is 11 pm. This parking will be perfect.

The day after, we learn about “park & ride” that are free car park located near buses or trains. And it is very useful when you want to go to downtown.

What is even better is that on Mercer Island, there is a park & ride right next to the place where we spent the night.

So we park Tikal and go to downtown by bus.

First we walk to the aquarium but after some hesitations, we decide to keep walking in the streets.








We get lost in the public market center.




And we decide to take a break in order to see what we do next.


Actually, for Mister, Seattle is Jimmy Hendrix, Nirvana, Pearl Jam… so music! (well, to me, Seattle also reminds me of some TV serials, like Grey’s Anatomy… that I have watched a couple of times. Ok, I confess, maybe a little more. But I have never watched more than… 7 seasons…)

So, that it, the program of the afternoon will have to include the EMP Museum (a museum on music). This year are the 25th birthday (yes we get old…) of the album Nevermind and there is an exhibit on Nirvana.

Practical info:

For those who have time to spend in Seattle and want to see the aquarium, the EMP, go on an excursion on a boat… the city sells a pass that may offer different activities. For us, we thought spending only one day here, so we do not have enough time to enjoy the said pass.

After a local lunch, we go the EMP museum.










After the museum our legs feel a bit heavy but we cannot leave Seattle without having spent one hour in a good bar. It is a bit early for live music but music there will be.





We finally go back to the van around midnight, singing come as you are…


Tomorrow, we go to Portland.

Well, here we are, you read the whole article! (Hey, we see the cheaters who jumped straight to see end!) so as promised :

Trump nacked:


En passant devant une boutique, qui voit-on ?

En passant devant une boutique, qui voit-on ?


And a plane on a train

Un avion sur un train. Logique.

Un avion sur un train. Logique.

So, what impresses you the most?


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