CANADA – The Departure

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Carte 1. Paris - Halifax

We wake up with a particular feeling this morning. We did not sleep much and actually not so well. Today our project is getting real. After more than a year combining work and van layout, today everything will become reality.

Having just a one way ticket is a bit strange but thinking that we leave for more than a year… it gives you chills.

After 2 hours of suburban train on our own (we will probably not miss this train!), Stephane and I met directly at the airport (as we let our flat, each one of us has spent a few days in our respective family!).


The departure

We drop off our (heavy) luggage, go to the gate et jump into the plane.

Bye bye Paris, bye bye France, bye bye Europe. It’s not like a holiday start, it feels like a real departure. The one that will change your routine and your living conditions and will turn your everyday life upside down. We will become nomadic for 13 months: a tiny house but an enormous garden! And we will return changed.

So yes, all of this is in front of us.

We perfectly know it. We know the theory, we studied all the technical aspects during the past year.

But as we are seated in the plane, waiting for the take-off, we look at each other and we don’t really realize.

And the plane takes off from Paris. It’s fast. One stop in Dublin and direction Halifax, the port where Tikal has disembarked after having left Anvers in the middle of July.


Our little plane

Into the wild

Interesting reading during the flight

Around 4pm, we set foot on the Canadian soil and go through the passports controls without any difficulty (we even explain our project to the custom officer and she tells us about her parents who traveled also by car to Alaska. Canadian people are nice!).

After 2 buses, a beer and a deserved hamburger, we fell asleep in the bed of our airbnb (despite the rock band having its rehearsal downstairs!).

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