MEXICO – DURANGO and ZACATECAS : Tikal enters the Mexican lands

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Once arrived in Mazatlan after our night on the boat, we decide to go directly into the main land. And we discover the mountains. Or mountain roads to be more specific. It is winding. Tikal is a little bit slow and the road is long.

We decide to take the toll road. It is beautiful. Brand new. Full of new bridges. And then nobody. We finally go forward.

For 40 km.

Until the toll. It is 239 pesos so around 12 euros (our friends with a doube axle will pay double…) Just for 40 km… Nice road but…

We now take the « libre », the free road.

We will learn after this episode that this part of roads is one of the most expensive highway in the world. We understand better, now.

We arrive in Durango. We sleep in a balneario with thermal water baths just for us! We visit the city. Nothing special. After tasting the warm pools, we take the road to Zacatecas.

The weather is cooling down. It is raining and the temperature do not go above 15 degrees. The nights are very fresh. What a change!

Zacatecas is a very pleasant town, colored and happy (despite the bad looking clouds). We sleep on the parking lot of a hotel for two nights, in order to discover the city..

The downtown district gives us a taste of the colonial cities. So we take the road back, direction San Miguel de Allende.

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