HONDURAS – How we survived Honduras – 2nd Part

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Date de dernière mise à jour : le 30 July 2018

After our sportive adventures, we decide to get some rest. Find a nice place with internet and nice landscapes.

We arrive to Lake Yojoa et drive to the hostel/campground/restaurant D&D Brewery that also makes its own beers.


We find a place under a tree and start our week on lake Yojoa.



It is the largest lake in Honduras and a heaven for birds. One morning we decide to book a birdwatching tour on the canal that leads to the lake. Not so many tourists (yes it is Honduras) and a peaceful moment for us. The lake offers great views and the lancha allows us to enjoy the quiet of the nature. We see a lot of different species of birds and even some bats hidden from the sunlight between rocks.

After 4 days at the campground, our friends Visiterra join us while they are going back north and we decide to spend a few days together. It is Easter and we are told that the beaches (our next stop) are full during this time of the year… We finally decide to stay 2 more days at the Brewery, try to catch up the time on our blog (yes, now we are even more late!)

We also go for a short hike around the lake to enjoy a panoramic view. It is hot, we sweat hard but these 5 little kilometers worth the effort: after walking through the small streets of the town, we enter the bananas and coffee plantations. We hike to the top of a hill in a kind of a hurry because the night arrives fast here and we started maybe a bit late… The kids of our friends are so strong, we finally arrive at the top with a great golden light!.

The last day before we leave we visit a biotopo that also offers cabanas for rent and open its trails to people who wants to enjoy a short walk in the jungle, the plantations and under a perfect shadow. One more time we enter some coffee and bananas plantations but also discover nice flowers.

After our no-moving week, we want to hit the road again. It is hot and on the way to the beach there is the perfect stop: a nice waterfall. It is possible to join a group to discover the waterfall from the inside. But it is a bit expensive so we enjoy just a nice dip in the upper pool before going back on the road with Visiterra. The beach is calling!

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