ARIZONA – We turn the Page with Antelope Canyon

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So we left Grand Canyon direction Page. After some hours on the road we lead the town’s campground but it seems that there is a lot of activity this week-end and it is full. We learn that there is a Walmart and we can spend the night on the car park. Perfect, it is free!

The morning after, we use the shop’s wifi to get some information about Antelope Canyon visits.

East of Page, we have to go to Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park. They are two canyons, facing each other with the road 98 in the middle: the upper and the lower. Both cannot be visible without a registered guide.

The upper is the most visited and is accessible from a 4WD trail (but we cannot take Tikal with us, we have to bring the one from the guides). It is the more expensive of the 2 canyons.

The lower seems to be more enjoyable, descent on stairs, crossing between rocks. It is accessible by foot from the parking lot and is, according to comments, less crowded…

For both, it is advised to do the visit between 11AM and 1PM to enjoy the best sun rays.

So we decide to see the lower one, because it is cheaper, but also because we understand that it is not a round trip in the canyon but a loop, and so we are not piled up on each other…

The park entrance must be paid 8 dollars, then you must add the tour price, 24 dollars per person. And it worth it!

We tried to preserve you from a 400 pictures review, and we successfully limited ourselves to about 30 pictures!


After Antelope Canyon, we do some shopping and then direction Lake Powell. It is one of the biggest artificial lakes in the USA, created in 1963 by the Glen Canyon dam. Its size is about 300 km between Arizona and Utah and count up to 3136 km of shoreline, which represents more kilometers than all the west coast of the United States.

A campground is set up near the lake, just inside the park. We lead there for a night, hoping to enjoy a small swim, despite of a shower!

The campground is full of big RVs but we also meet a German couple we already met in Arches (with a big 4×4 Iveco). The evening is sweet and the giant moon offers us a nice natural light.


Tomorrow we will lead to Bryce and Zion by a small dirt road that we spotted on the map.

PS: yes, for the ones who know the place, we missed Horseshoe Bend… we passed near but we probably missed the sign…


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