Let us introduce you Tikal version 2 and its new interior design

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So, we will jump some steps in the Mexican story (we will tell you everything shortly) in order to share with you the story of our month of hard working. As you probably know, we stayed a long time in Oaxaca, in a great campground. We took a month off during our trip. Yes, well, not very serious… But it’s been a long time that we were thinking about it and Overlander Oasis appeared to be THE perfect place to do it.

Leanne and Calvin, the owners, are amazing. Calvin has 1 or 2 tools but most of all, he has the best advice and gives the best help that we could have never expected.

So we talked with them about our project and they allowed us to do it in their campground. It took us 4 weeks. And we worked every single day!

And finally, we rebuilt the van.

Here are some pictures of Tikal now (we have waited to enjoy a great view to make the pictures… enjoy!)

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