Progress in the cockpit too

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Date de dernière mise à jour : le 29 July 2018

We continue to catch up the publication schedule. Our week-ends are aimed at working on the truck, and the weeks are used to many other things in addition to our respectives works. Not easy to keep you up to date!

Some cleaning in electricity

A good cleaning was needed in all existing cable bundles (some were connected to the old diesel heating, others was hanging outside, linked to nothing special…)

And after some hard work, it’s getting better and clearer! The place is free and able to host some additions (LED bar, compressor, radiator fan switch…)


It goes nowhere and nothing is realy used anymore


The old heating cable bundle and its torpedo fuse will be perfect to connect the battery charger


The messy additional cigarette lighter socket link


Now it’s cleaner

The torpedo from cigarette lighter socket is replaced by a standard fuse, and two additional fuses are recycled and connected (at the right top of the previous picture). One for the rear view camera screen and another for the future radiator fan switch).

A switch for the rear view camera screen

A big work again to fill the cables using wires throw plastics, aerations, body and  fuse box… The rear view camera now has its switch (because it’s connected to the permanent + in order to take a look behind the truck if needed, even without the keys on) 🙂






And it works !

We now just have to find the right place for the screen.

The ceiling light reconfigured

We change the stock bulbs by LED ones, but we also change the switches configuration. We will have the possibility to switch on the lights when we open the doors, to switch them on when the doors are closed, but now to switch them off even with the open doors (to not discharge the battery while we work on the truck, for exemple…).


What a great ceiling light!

The dashboard USB ports

Classical ones, but very practical to recharge cellphone while traveling

The radio antenna

A cute antenna to receive local radios


The ceiling speakers mount

We needed a strong mount for the cockpit ceiling speakers, we have it now.






OK, the right grid is missing, I know…

And we changed the door speakers by brand new ones 🙂

Some nets on aeration grids

All aerations, stock or not, are fitted with nets


At the bottom of the front doors

Front doors insolation


The door trims dismounted


The muti-layer insulation, cuted then pasted with aluminium tape


Insolation done and in place. We just have to mount the door trim.

The headlights grids

Tikal was already tree-proof, he is now stone-proof !


And the LED bar grid

Same modification for the long range head light.



Bonus : a new rear footboard


After some hours of grinding…


A piece of the roof rack 😉




Et voilà ! Does it look good ?

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