Rust and Hole – 2nd part

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Date de dernière mise à jour : le 29 July 2018

Let’s continue our adventure in the magical association to move on our body works. In today’s agenda, some hatches closure and the creation of new seat posts.

As a reminder, this is what our hatches looked like after the disassembly:

trappe frigo à reboucher

fridge air extraction in the middle and water tank entry on the right

After a good cleaning and a rust inhibitor application, our resin expert can start working.


In order to recreate the body foldings, he first starts to screw the right width wooden strip from the outside. Then once the fibreglass and the polyester resin are set above, that is the result:


Then come the gap filler and some long work of sandpapering. Then we come to that:





Next time we’ll just have to take care of the finishing putty. After filling these hatches, we continue with a difficult reassembling of the gas hatch then the first putty application. One more hole done !

The second and important part is the creation of some new seat posts. Indeed, the existing ones were just made by screw threads, so it was a security weakness…


“are you sure you passed the technical inspection?”

However, Ben will create some lovely brand new seat posts, and so much stronger!


Including some moving pictures :

[kad_youtube url=”” ]


And that’s how they look like once set up 🙂 :


tada !!

During this time, we clean some small random rust spots:

prise de vue sans titre-0904



after (well, right, that’s not the same door 😉 )



And we set up a new thing:


Oh, a rear camera !

That’s it for now, we can now go on holiday carefree 🙂 .

The next step will be early january, when the association will enter in its new premises!


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