Catch-up time – work on the body

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Date de dernière mise à jour : le 29 July 2018

There have been no articles regarding the truck for several months (roof rack installation excepted), but that is not because we stopped moving forward!

On se devait donc de faire un petit rattrapage en images, avec un récapitulatif de toutes les bricoles qui ont avancé  :

The rust in the cockpit





The hole in the floor

This washing machine died at the right time!


Rustproofing treatment

The hole

Plate set up

Plate sealed and riveted

The old toilet hatch

The hole repared with fibreglass

Future insulation ot the door in recuperation polystyrene

Again a washing machine part

And this is what it looks like

A brand new door!

Some other holes

With resin and fiberglass

Old headlights

Old water evacuation

Old diesel heater mounts

And with some new hatches




The old fridge hatch becomes an aeration

And the last hole inside the truck

Failing soldering it, we decided to put some rivets on pieces of iron plate, and to finish with resin and fiberglass.

We renew all the seals

The roof window

The wheel passages

The gaz hatch

Then a coat of paint

A layer of rustproof white, the second one of anti-condensation.

It looks cleaner…

Voilà !!
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