First breakdown !

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Date de dernière mise à jour : le 29 July 2018

Now that the small Swiss beast is in its new house, we will have to get our hands dirty for the first time. And this is not an usual hobby for us !

So, objective today : to find the origin of the coolant leakage. Armed with the “revue technique” and our brand-new toolbox, we start to meticulously bone the face of our big friend.

The culprit

Few hours later, after the removal of half of it’s engine, including a coolant drain on our shoes, the leakage origin is found !

It’s due to a hole in the water pump :


For those interested, it’s at the end of the red arrow


Yes, it is. We can see it better.

But this hole looks like stock… The information taken on specialized forums, and after Iveco Daily 4×4 specialists return, the water pump seems to be dead, we have to change it 🙁

Well, anyway, the idea was to change all the sensitive parts before leaving, so we don’t hesitate to buy brand new ones.

The new part

The part ordered and received, we cut it to dimension of the old one (yes, it may sound strange, but it’s a priori usual on these old beasts…). After assembling and filling, we let the engine running. Everything looks fine… a new leakage excepted!  But this time it’s not coming from the same area. It’s coming from the radiator now. Lightly, but it runs…

We order a brand new radiator (yeah, we’ll have a lot of new parts…), we drain, we disassemble, we replace and we assemble. Last test : everything is working fine !

150627 4

in action

…Almost. One week later, we found a little mark under the truck.

New leak

OK, we don’t give up, and we’re back to a new leakage research. Found : this is on the white plastic pipe above the water pump… OK, it’s not too bad, the leakage is not too important, we will handle it with some water bottles during our next week-end !

We leave for our week-end without any problem (just a coolant fill because we forgot to let the engine running the last time…)

Back from this lovely week-end, draining again, disassembling, part changing, assembling and filling (we must be near 100€ of coolant now). We let it run, and closely look at any drop every week…

Yes it is ! This time, it’s fixed !

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